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Hello everyone!

At this time of year, everyone is looking forward to the Vankleek Hill Fair, which takes place from August 15 to 18 -- all at the Vankleek Hill fairgrounds, of course! It's a time when many former residents come back to connect and catch up on the news. Yes, some things about our small-town fair stay the same: the livestock shows, the horse shows, the heavy horse events, and of course, the demolition derby! But there are always new faces and new events! This year, a combine demolition derby takes place on Thursday evening at the fair. Find out more by visiting the website.

Coming up on August 23, it's "I Love Vankleek Hill Day"  . . . a chance for everyone who comes to town to wear their "Where in the World is Vankleek Hill" T-shirts. No T-shirt? Visit the Vankleek Hill Tourist Information Centre at 95 Main Street East in Vankleek Hill and buy one any time during the month of August for only $5.The Tourist Info Centre is open seven days per week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
While you are in town, visit the Higginson Tower, which is open Wednesday through Sunday (and holidays) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

On Saturday, August 24, children and their families are welcome at Mill Street Park for a BBQ, FREEzies and fun at SATURDAY IN THE PARK, hosted by the Vankleek Hill Tourist Info Centre students! Wear your T-shirt (see note above) or buy one for ONLY $5 at Mill Street Park! This is another fun event hosted by the Vankleek Hill Business and Merchant Association.

Visit your favourite restaurants while you are in Vankleek Hill: Vert Fourchette, Nicko's Resto Bar, the Trillium Tea Room, The Granary Beizli, Anne's Chip Stand, Blueberry Hill Bistro and "Friday Night 2-for-1 Steak Night" at the Windsor Tavern. Come visit the "new kid" on the block: Sam's Kitchen, with meals to take home for supper and treats and coffee -- all ready-to-go! And don't forget: Herb's Travel Plaza, including the restaurant, is open 24 hours a day!

Take a look at what's happening and be sure to mark your calendars, tell your friends and plan a fun outing in Vankleek Hill soon! Fit in a visit to Beau's All-Natural Brewing Company, Vankleek Hill Vineyard and just around ther corner -- Tara MacWhirter and her newly-opened shop at Garden Path Home Made Soap on Pleasant Corners Road! And don't forget: the Vankleek Hill Farmers' Market is open for business every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m in the VCI (high school) parking lot along Highway 34.

As you can see, there is always something happening in Vankleek Hill!
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Louise Sproule
Writing from sunny downtown Vankleek Hill!
(Below is what we see through the front window of The Review offices.)