Hello, everyone!

The snow and ice are melting and it's time to think about reconnecting with friends and neighbours! And in Vankleek Hill, everyone is your neighbour!

Plan a visit to Vankleek Hill on April 12 and 13, to take in all that the Champlain Commercial Fair has to offer. Make your way to the Vankleek Hill Community Centre on Saturday, April 12, between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. or on Sunday, April 13, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. to see many local businesses and organizations offering their best to you! We all know that shopping locally is a good investment. Come find out why it makes so much sense!

If you can keep some time free on Sunday, April 13, consider attending the RhythmWorks Family Concert which takes place at Pleasant Corners Public School at 2 p.m. This concert will have the audience members stamping their feet, clapping their hands and enjoying the percussive enthusiasm of Troy Sexton, who along with his musical partner, will lift your spirits with music, keyboards and sound effects. (Note: You might be asked to contribute to the sound effects!) This is billed as a family show, but everyone is invited! Visit the events page on www. vankleekhill.ca to purchase tickets! In Hawkesbury and Vankleek Hill, tickets are on sale at Scotiabank, which is matching funds for this concert; proceeds will go towards the Healing Harps and Drums Project in the School.

Whoa! I almost forgot . . . the deadline to enter the NAME THAT BEER CONTEST, organized by the Friends of the Higginson Tower in partnership with Beau's All-Natural Brewing Company  . . . is APRIL 7. You get to choose the name for a limited edition run of Beau's Lug Tread, to be named in honour of the tower. The word "tower" must be in your NAME THAT BEER submission. Visit www.higginsontower.ca to find out full contest details!

Speaking of contests, take a picture of the WORST POTHOLE EVER and upload it on The Review's Facebook page. Click on the contest and upload your photo and then VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! This contest ends April 14. Visit: www.facebook.com/vkhreview to find out more!

ANY TIME IS A GOOD TIME to visit Vankleek Hill, Beau's award-winning Craft Brewery (take a taste-tour), and you can also taste and visit at Vankleek Hill Vineyard, (just a few minutes outside of Vankleek Hill). On Saturday mornings, buy some local and/or ethic foods and local products at the Vankleek Hill Farmers' Market, located in the high school cafetorium from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. On weekends, see what is on exhibit at Arbor Gallery, located at 36 Home Avenue and open Thursday through Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.

Make sure you are in town to enjoy a meal at one of our seven restaurants!!!
Eat at:
Blueberry Hill Bistro - open 4 p.m.: Curries, fish, nachos and more!
Herb's Restaurant
Nicko's Resto Bar - Pizza, souvlaki, sandwiches, meals, breakfast, etc.
Prima Cossa
Sam's Kitchen
The Trillium Tea Room
Vert Fourchette 

Each of these restaurants has its own cachet and the owners have their own specialties that will make you return again and again. Want help choosing where to eat? Email me any time and I'll give you my best advice.

Stop in to see us at the Champlain Commercial Fair! Subscribe to The Review while you are at the Champlain Commercial Fair and you could win a Samsung tablet!

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