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7 (Unbelievably!) Simple Holiday Decor Ideas

Sarah Burnell of Flourish & Knot – Blog article on the Vankleek Hill Home Tour 2016″

“It’s the most hectic time of the year! With all the parties and events going on in the next month or so, it’s sometimes hard to find a moment just to enjoy the season. Often our own houses get neglected in favour of visiting relatives, preparing food, wrapping gifts, and so on. We kind of throw up our Christmas trees, hang the stockings wherever there’s room and call it a day. I think it’s time to change that and take a few minutes just to add a little Christmas spark to your own home!…….Read more here ——->

3 Inspiring Ways to Decorate for Christmas

Sarah Burnell of Flourish & Knot – Blog article on the Vankleek Hill Home Tour 2016″

“If you google “Christmas Decorating”, you will come up with millions of images, ranging from the ultra-traditional green and red to kooky and wild hot pink and turquoise. Christmas decor, like politics, is just one of those topics on which everyone has an opinion and no-one quite agrees! Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to preview the Vankleek Hill Christmas Home Tour, and with it a wide variety of styles of holiday decor. I’ve narrowed down the gorgeous Christmas decor from the tour into three distinct styles. I hope it’ll provide you with some inspiration as you start getting your home ready for the holidays!…….Read more here—->

Julie Campeau-Vaillant of Vankleek Hill won the Table416

POST-TOUR UPDATE: Julie Campeau-Vaillant of Vankleek Hill
won the Table416 . . . . everything on the table was worth $2,500!
Congratulations to Julie on her win!

TMK_28nov2015_winner of home tour prize webJulie Campeau-Vaillant (left) was the winner of the Table416 draw which took place as part of the 2015 Vankleek Hill Christmas Home Tour. Campeau-Vaillant won the linens, china, silverware, stemware, candlesticks, table decor, an ice bucket and a bottle of champagne as part of the draw, which was a fundraiser for the Higginson Tower and Arbor Gallery. The prize value was $2,500; the table was decorated by Lise St. André of Métamorphose Décor & Design of Vankleek Hill. At right is Review publisher Louise Sproule, representing the Higginson Tower Committee, presenting Campeau-Vaillent with her champagne when she came to pick up her prize. photo Theresa Ketterling

TABLE416 created by interior designer Lise St-André. (For details about the TABLE FOR 16 click here!)

La TABLE416, créée par la décoratrice Lise St-André. (Pour des détails sur la tablée pour 16 cliquez ici!)

Claudia Lapierre of Hawkesbury was the winner of the $500 gift basket

gift basket prize 2015Included with ticket purchase is the chance to win this beautiful grand prize gift baskets) filled with home decor items, edibles and much more! Value: $500.00 !!!!

Inclus avec votre billet : une chance de gagner ce magnifique panier cadeau rempli d’articles de décoration, de nourriture et plus! Une valeur de 500,00 $!!!!

IMG_6745Claudia Lapierre of Hawkesbury was the winner of the $500 gift basket filled with local merchandise and food products that spilled into several boxes and baskets! Lapierre’s name was selected from the almost 900 people who purchased a ticket for the Vankleek Hill Christmas Home Tour, an annual event spearheaded by The Review. The event shares proceeds with six community organizations which provide volunteers to the event, adding to the veteran volunteers who return year after year to help. This year, six homes decorated for Christmas, were part of the tour. If you live in or close to Vankleek Hill and would like your home to be decorated professionally for Christmas in order to be part of the 2016 tour, send an email to [email protected]


For Immediate Release – The Spirit of Christmas will be in Vankleek Hill

2015 Vankleek Hill Christmas Home Tour

VANKLEEK HILL – The Christmas trees are ordered and the spirit of Christmas will be present in Vankleek Hill during the annual Christmas Home Tour, which takes place on Saturday, November 7.

New energy and new ideas are a big part of this year’s home tour. Organized by The Review for about ten years now, Review publisher Louise Sproule decided to invite three community members to critique the event and suggest ideas to ramp up the popular tradition.

“Decorators Lise St. André, Kim Veronneau and Josée Bonneville brought some new ideas and a revitalized direction to the event,” says Sproule.

In addition to these three, who are also participating as decorators of homes, Donna Doucette, Lorel Crawford, Grace Clermont and Bridget MacDonald are also decorators adding their talent to the mix. Sproule is pleased to still count on Lisa Henderson as her volunteer coordinator.

Review staff also kick in time and work to the event; the proceeds are divided among six community organizations each year and in turn, organizations provide about six volunteers each to the event.

This year’s tour features five heritage homes and one newly-constructed home professionally decorated for the self-guided tour.

The committee is especially proud that one of the town’s “tower” homes is part of this year’s event. Another heritage home with an addition includes stained glass windows salvaged from the convent in Vankleek Hill.Homes were booked and decorators were organized this past winter, said Sproule, to get things up and running early.

Local photographer Wayne Smith of T41 Photography donated his services to photograph each home exterior and take one interior photo for the website.

Church organizations have changed up their plans somewhat as well.

While two churches are organizing church luncheons, one church is offering morning refreshments and some of the churches are also offering an afternoon stop.

The Knox Bell Choir will be performing in the Archie Hardy Hall at Knox, from 2 p.m. to about 2:30 p.m. Refreshments will be offered until 3:30 p.m.

Other churches are organizing entertainment, too.

Afternoons will have live music performed at some of the venues, said Sproule. Food tastings will also be on offer during the afternoon at the homes on the tour. To date, Sam’s Kitchen, Vert Fourchette, the Trillium Tea Room and Fresko’s have signed on to provide food samples as you exit homes.

Another new feature of this year’s tour is the chance to win a Grand Prize of a 16-place table setting, which includes linens, cutlery, glassware, china and more. Raffle tickets will be on sale for the grand prize: everything on the table, (a value of more than $2,500).

The historic wedding re-enactment has been set aside for this year, Sproule relates. But the historical society continues its involvement with the tour by providing histories of each of the homes. A quilt show will be at the Vankleek Hill Museum, which will be open for the day.

Specialty vendors have been booked for each home and this year Dale Garvin, known for making dozens of fruitcakes each year to assist a local charity, will be at one of the tour locations. For each fruitcake sold, $5 will go towards the accessible Sacha’s Park Project, to be created in L’Orignal.

Go home with your own souvenir of the day’s event by having your group’s photograph taken in a vintage sleigh, furnished for the occasion by Ouimet Farms Adventure, home of our local corn maze. Photographer Jan Amell will take good care of you and see that you are outfitted in Victorian capes, bonnets and the like to have just the right look. There will be a $5 charge to have your photo taken; one half of the proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

Thanks to Beau’s All-Natural Brewing Company, John Clouston, ReMax Supreme and Pink Bow Tie, three shuttle buses will take visitors from house to house in town and to other locations where special events are happening.

To find out where to purchase $20 advance tickets (you can also purchase tickets online), to view the houses, luncheon information and more, visit: and select events, then Home Tour.


Louise Sproule

613-678-3327, extension 1006

Email: [email protected]