These beautiful homes are to be part of the 2018 Vankleek Hill Christmas Home Tour!

44 High Street, Vankleek Hill.

Some people call this home one of Vankleek Hill’s “grande dames” and in truth, this is one of two homes, formerly belonging to two sisters. Their father built a home for each of his daughters. imagine!
The generous proportions of the woodwork in this home are unforgettable and you will find that the rooms just keep on going — there is so much space here,
where you will see all the signs of grand living that went with the turn of the last century. The current owners have decorated with that sense of grandeur in mind.
We featured this home on the home tour quite a few years ago, but even more, work has been done inside since this couple purchased the home and this year, the entire upstairs will be open to visitors. Click here for the house history.

Decorator: Although she is officially retired, founding decorator/organizer of the Vankleek Hill Christmas Home Tour Carole Robert has continued with a few select clients like the homeowners of this home and so, she will be putting her professional, and well-known touch on this grand home.

 Specialty Vendor #1: MayBelle All-natural Soy Candles are hand-made by  Danielle Mac Rae, a student at Concordia University completing her Environmental Science (BSc) this Fall.  May Belle is a small Western Quebec based business inspired by the desire to make and use eco-friendly products.

Specialty Vendor#2: Kyan Cuisine will selling plant-based snacks and treats (e.g. cookies, protein balls, etc.).

32 Mill Street, Vankleek Hill.

We cannot say enough about this heritage home. Although it may look unassuming from the outside, prepare to be surprised. The homeowners have added their own flair and this kitchen is quite possibly our favourite room! And you are only seeing about one-half of it here! An original tin ceiling and repurposed kitchen cabinets look as if they have always been there. Creativity and salvaged items all look like new in this environment. These homeowners, new to Vankleek Hill, have applied a thoughtful, peaceful approach to decorating this living space. We can’t wait to see how it dresses up for Christmas! Click here for the house history.

Decorator: Cottage Blue (click to read BIO).

Specialty Vendors #1: Garden Path Homemade Soap : Pure and natural everyday products – made the old-fashioned way from their gardens to you. Soap is available in various scents. For a complete list of all our products, visit our website. All our products are homemade in small batches. We also produce all natural bath teas & soap dishes.

Plus: Helen MacLeod, Royal Lepage Performance Realty, will be set up outside to serve coffee and treats!

60 Union, Vankleek Hill.

This is another one of Vankleek Hill’s homes snapped up by newcomers. This house offers beautiful light inside; it’s no surprise that it was home to an artist for many years. The homeowners say they love Vankleek Hill and are pleased to show what they have done to this home to make it theirs. A more than ample galley-style kitchen features beautiful cabinets and an altered counter-top makes a perfect serving space for hosting social gatherings. If you have guessed that these homeowners are musical, you’d be right. Simplicity, quiet elegance and charm make this a welcoming home. Click here for the house history.

Decorator: Sarah Burnell, of Flourish and Knot
Outside (click to read BIO)  

Specialty Vendor #1: Laurie’s Designs on You offers you reusable, art inspired, shopping bags, net produce bags, cotton food storage bags, linen bread bags and beeswax food wraps. Laurie’s handcrafted products will help you to reduce your plastic waste in a beautiful way. / Garden by the Brook brings you apple jelly from the little orchard in Laurie’s backyard. It is made in small batches from windfall apples picked every morning before the chickens get to them. Maple syrup is made the old fashioned way at Laurie’s farm in Bourget, hand gathered and boiled outside, you can almost taste the wood smoke in this syrup.

Plus: Exit Realty Matrix from Hawkesbury, will be serving a coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

4132 Highway 34, Vankleek Hill (across from PCPS)

This historic home on Highway 34 has roots which date back to the days of Vankleek Hill’s brick factories. The homeowners have gained quite a reputation for the flock of pink flamingos which, mysteriously, always seem to be up to something in the field located right beside this home. These homeowners love history and things from the past. More details on this home soon. Click here for the house history.

Decorator: Valerie Carkner (Homeowner)

Specialty Vendors: The Broken Kettle Bakery & Barkery :  Small and easily portable: Mini Sweet Loaf Collection Packs, Christmas Shortbread Cookie Collection, Special Christmas Cookie Collection,
Vankleek Hill Gingerbread Collection, Mini Gift Baskets (Assorted types), regular treats to eat on the go, Coffee samples to taste, Gourmet Dog Treats, and a few other things.

19 Main Street West, Vankleek Hill.

This is a cute one! The inside might surprise you! There is more space than you might imagine. A cozy downstairs and a cute bathroom downstairs but wait until you see the upstairs bathroom! Really nice details like this faux tin ceiling. Pretty little home! Cozy interior and perfect for entertaining for the young owners of their first home! Lovely new bathrooms — one on each floor!

Click here for the house history.

Decorator:  Lorel Crawford, Belle Design.

Specialty Vendors: Carole Aubin from Home Hardware will have an array of holiday decorating ideas.

90 Higginson Street, Vankleek Hill.

It seems that we just can’t let a year go by without opening up a home on Higginson Street! This year, enjoy another one of the five lookalike homes on this historic Street. This one is done up in soft colours with elegant furnishings and despite an extension added onto the home (that’s where the efficient little kitchen is located), the traffic flow in this home makes for great entertaining. Enjoy the historic feeling in this home, with added built-in features that look as if they have always been there, and note how the traditional decorating continues right through to the new part of the home. Everything in this home was carefully chosen by the lady of the house and you can tell she knew what she was doing! Click here for the house history.

Decorator: Donna Doucette (click to read BIO). 

Specialty Vendors #1: Donna Doucette will be selling her handmade Christmas items, decor items and more.

 Specialty Vendors #2: The Chocolate Box, with a  delectable assortment of chocolates, including Shelley Mullin’s famous “Texas Trash” and her to-die-for peppermint patties.


This year, funds from the Vankleek Hill Christmas Home Tour will be shared among six not-for-profit organizations.

1. You will be asked to remove your shoes before touring each home.
A bag will be provided for your shoes. Feel free to bring spare slippers or other soft footwear if you need to wear some foot covering. To respect homes and floors, we ask for your cooperation.
2. No photographs are permitted inside the homes during the tour. Please respect homeowners’ privacy.
3. Washrooms are available at The Review, at local restaurants, at the church halls and at the Vankleek Hill Community Centre. Washrooms inside the homes are not for public use on tour day.
4. Due to this being a people-filled event where indoor space can be limited, strollers are not permitted for safety reasons.
5. We also remind you that as there are stairs, steps and irregular entrances, this event is not accessible for wheelchairs and is not conducive to those who require walkers.

Thank you for your cooperation! Our homeowners appreciate it!