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Heritage, hospitality at Cranberry House B&B

Originally a Loyalist home circa 1813, the Cranberry House B & B on Highway 34 combines its heritage charm with the services, amenities, and comforts of today. Conveniently located between Hawkesbury and Vankleek Hill, you will be treated like royalty by Sandy and John. Delicious breakfasts are served every day. Every room in this beautiful home is filled with fine heritage antiques, making this B and B a  stand-out for its pink cranberry glass collections. The good news is: if you like this style of living, visit the antique shop right on the property and take home a special find of your own.

Address: 2786 Highway 34, Hawkesbury ON
Tel.: 613-636-0127
Website: www.cranberryhouse.ca


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