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Vankleek Hill Edible Gardens

In 2015, Vankleek Hill launched its Edible Gardens project. An initiative of the Vankleek Hill Business and Merchant Association, this endeavour encourages business owners and residents to create edible gardens – all produce can be shared by the community!

If you are a visitor or a resident, know that you are welcome to pick when you see an Edible Garden sign posted. Take care to be a responsible picker! Pick items when they are ripe and don’t strip a herb of all its greenery at the peak of the season. Ask questions if you need help and enjoy some healthy freshness in Vankleek Hill!

Here are a few Edible Garden locations to visit:
The Review, 76 Main Street
Scotiabank, 55 Main Street
Vankleek Hill Museum, 95 Main Street
Website: http://www.myvkh.com/edible-gardens

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