Trash and Treasure


Trash ‘N’ Treasure

Saturday, June 3, 2017

9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Eastern Ontario’s Largest
Town-Wide Yard Sale


SPECIAL SALE EVENTS AT TRASH & TREASURE: (Besides the hundreds of sales all over town 🙂

AT 52 MAIN STREET: Golden Hill, 52 Main Street East, will be open from 7 am to 4 pm for: Coffee, chai, tea, cold-pressed juice, ice cream, homemade popsicle, fruits, and veggie salads. Parts of the profit will go to Opportunity Knox (a volunteer group raising funds to sponsor a Syrian refugee family in Vankleek Hill).

AT 76 MAIN STREET: MUSIC SALE from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  at The Review, 76 Main Street East, Vankleek Hill.
CDs, vinyl, audio equipment, instruments, sheet music, music books & more.
All proceeds to the not-for-profit Vankleek Hill Music Festival, which supports local music students to further their studies.

AT 29 HIGH STREET: Giant Garage Sale – Archie Hardy Hall, (Knox Presbyterian Church) 29 High Street, Vankleek Hill.

AT 38 DERBY AVENUE: Hand-sewn goods, all proceeds to NICU, Ottawa General Hospital.

AT 40 DERBY AVENUE: A garage sale for Opportunity Knox, a group working to bring a Syrian refugee family to Vankleek Hill.

GIANT GARAGE SALE & BAKE SALE at Église St-Grégoire 137 Higginson Street.

All kinds of items for sale and home-baked goodies!

Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market at VCI: Garage Sale Table with proceeds going to Vankleek Hill Food Bank. If you have items to donate drop off Saturday, June 3, 9 am.  BBQ lunch available. Open 9 am to 1 pm.
In the parking lot at VCI (high school on Highway 34, across from MacEwen Gas). Look for the white tents!

Seedling Tree Sale Fundraiser at The Review: Caitlin and Émilie are selling seedling Trees: Red Pine, White Pine, White Spruce and Black Spruce for $1/each. Proceeds from the sale go to help fund their endeavors with their new curling team. White Spruce is Sold out! We will have Black Spruce, White Pine and Red Pine on Saturday.

Popcorn Sale outside of Heidi’s Hair Salon at 120 Main Street: The Grade 8 Pleasant Corners Public School class will be selling popcorn, drinks and sandwiches to raise money for their grad. There will also be students walking around with a wagon selling as well. Thank you for your support!

Freezies and Bake Sale outside of Jan Amell Photography, 92 Main: We will be having a bake sale and selling freezies to raise money for our Vankleek Hill Skating Club! See you then!

SPECIAL NOTE TO VENDORS: Please consider sharing a small portion of your garage sale revenue to help bring a Syrian refugee family to Vankleek Hill. Your donations will go to Opportunity Knox, a volunteer group which is raising $40,000 to support a Syrian refugee family in our community. The group is more than halfway to its goal! During the month of June, bring your cash or cheque donations to The Review offices at 76 Main Street Eastin Vankleek Hill. Charitable donation receipts will be issued to you by Opportunity Knox.

What is Trash and Treasure?
It is a community-wide yard sale organized by the Vankleek Hill Business and Merchant Association since 2000. Homeowners, church groups, and organizations in Vankleek Hill and from the region are the primary vendors working on their front lawns, driveways and porches. Local residents can invite friends and family to participate by bringing items to create a yard sale on their properties in Vankleek Hill. PLUS: Out-of-town vendors who have not yet made friends in Vankleek Hill can call 613-678-3327 to reserve a space for $20 along the town’s main street, where the Vankleek Hill Business and Merchant Association has reserved parking lots just for this purposes. Out-of-town vendors should bring their own tables, etc. Spaces are allotted on a first-come, first-served basis. Volunteers are on hand at 7 a.m. to collect the $20 fee.

Why does the Vankleek Hill Business and Merchant Association organize this event?
From the very beginning, the merchant association organized this event as a fun day, to bring people to Vankleek Hill for a fun day! All donations and proceeds from the event, including the small charge for vendor spaces, is used to offset the cost of advertising this event far beyond the Vankleek Hill Community. The Review donates all advertising association with this event.

What is the date?
The sale is always the first Saturday in June. This year the sale takes place on Saturday, June 3, 2017, and runs from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

What will happen if it rains?
The sale will continue rain or shine! There is no rain date for the sale. Vendors are encouraged to plan on using tarps or garages if there is rain in the forecast.

This event takes place RAIN OR SHINE.

Where is Vankleek Hill?
The town-wide yard sale is held in the village of Vankleek Hill, but over the years, the sale has expanded and as you drive to town, you will see lots of yard sales along Highway 34 between Hawkesbury and Vankleek Hill. From Ottawa, follow Highway 417 to Exit 27 and head north into Vankleek Hill.
Or: follow Highway 17 and take Cassburn Road at L’Orignal to get to Vankleek Hill.
From Montreal, follow Highway 40 and take exit 17 at Barb Road and follow signs to get to Vankleek Hill.
From Lachute, take Highway 50 or Highway 148, take the Grenville exit, cross the Long-Sault Bridge to Hawkesbury and follow Highway 34 to Vankleek Hill.
From Cornwall, take Highway 401 to Lancaster and follow Highway 34 to Vankleek Hill.You can view a map here… Ideally, please keep your cars at home.

How do I register as a vendor?
There is no official registration, but vendors are advised to call 1-877-678-3327 to reserve your spot.

Can I set up a table on the sidewalk in front of my business or another business?
Absolutely NOT! Vending on public property such as sidewalks, boulevards, roads, and parkland is illegal.
Businesses locating in Vankleek Hill CAN hold a sale in front of their business but cannot block the sidewalk.

What about food sales?
There are several restaurants in Vankleek Hill and often, community organizations have kiosks selling bottled water, hot dogs or hamburgers. Where to Eat?

What about public washrooms?
There are rented washroom facilities located beside the Vankleek Hill Tourist Info Centre, located at 94 Main Street East. Watch for signs.

What are some tips for a successful garage sale?
Set up early so that you are prepared for those early birds! Price all your items, either individually or in groups (eg. books 25 cents). Display items on tables or in boxes according to type and/or price. Have a cash box or change apron with lots of coins for change. In the case of large items that can’t be carried away, an impromptu sales receipt can be drawn up with a deposit and an exchange of telephone numbers to hold the item until the traffic has dwindled and you can return with a vehicle to pick up your treasure.

Are there any regulations regarding the items I sell?
Health Canada has posted information for garage sale vendors on their Consumer Product Safety website.
Take a moment to review the information here.

What about parking?
Parking is available “catch as catch can” in Vankleek Hill everywhere! If you must drive, kindly park your car and walk in the neighborhood rather than cruising in your car to reduce congestion. The amount of pedestrian traffic makes driving dangerous for everyone. If you’re a Vankleek Hill resident, try to park your vehicle off the street to make room for the many visitors we expect again this year.

Are there any designated no parking zones?
All the usual parking rules are in effect. Please check the posting of parking signs and ensure that you are not blocking a fire hydrant or driveway.

TrashTreasureAre there ATM machines nearby?
Yes, on Main Street, right in the heart of the action: at Scotiabank and the National Bank. Try to bring cash with you as these machines may empty out early during Trash and Treasure.

How can I keep my sales area tidy?
Homeowners! You can help us out. Please place a garbage can by the curb for litter. With the large crowds this event attracts, there can be a large amount of litter produced. At the end of the day, clean up around your property and ensure you don’t leave debris on the street. Shoppers – please hold on to your litter until you see a garbage can and then stash the trash. If you have leftover items that have not been sold at the end of the day, please DO NOT leave them at the secondhand store and DO NOT leave them at the CURB past 7 p.m. By that time, items that you have left at the curb for free should have been picked up by the after-hours scavengers. Please keep our community clean!

SPECIAL NOTE FOR 2017: Vendors in Vankleek Hill are invited to share a small portion of their bounty
by making a donation to Opportunity Knox, a volunteer group which is working hard to raise $40,000
to bring a Syrian refugee family to live in the Vankleek Hill community! The group is more than half-way
to its fundraising goal! If you would like to make a donation, you can bring cheques or cash to
Scotiabank in Vankleek Hill at 55 Main Street East in Vankleek Hill.

Rain or shine, buyer or vendor, have fun on June 3!

If you have any questions that have not been addressed in this FAQ, please send an email to [email protected]

Louise Sproule, Organizer, Trash and Treasure
The Vankleek Hill Business and Merchant Association