We’re so excited!  And we just can’t hide it!
These beautiful homes are to be part of the 2019 Vankleek Hill Christmas Home Tour!

3360 County Road 10, Vankleek Hill

A beautiful home set back from the main road in a bucolic setting, this historic stone home is much-loved by its owners, one of whom has a connection to its past. Deep-set windows, original wood floors, a cozy kitchen, impeccable woodwork and beautiful furnishings which have been collected over the years by these homeowners make this a wonderful stop on the tour. A lovely family den boasts a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace. It is easy to imagine living in these gracious surroundings and never wanting to leave home!

Click here for the house history.

Decorator: The lady of the house is having a blast decorating her home with the help of some expert friends! These homeowners are dipping into their own  sumptuous Christmas decorations to decorate their own home, because they simply love decorating for Christmas! Wait until you see the home’s main staircase and landing!

Specialty Vendor #1: Rustic Highland Creations will offer decorative barn-board signs, made with wood purchased at local farms. They add their own heart-warming quotations and sayings and say that less is more! You are sure to love these simple creations that have a professional touch, always! Carrie will bring a small selection of her Eco Soy Wax Candles, which come in a variety of delicious fragrances that will fill your home with a lovely aroma. These clean-burning soy candles will burn 20+ hours.

3555 Stardale Road West, Vankleek Hill

Are you ready? This perfectly-proportioned brick home in the countryside is also not visible from the main road! We really have some delicious surprises in store for you this year! Beautiful floors, original woodwork and rooms with amazing light from the east and west will make you want to move right in! Watch for the beautiful hand-crafted dining table in this house — our floral designer cannot wait to create a special piece for this oversized table! You don’t get to see inside historic homes like this every day!  Click here for the house history.

Decorator: Artist/designer Jill Crosby is leading a team of designers to create the perfect holiday home. She is working with: Jade Garden, Pink Bow Tie, Rustic Rentals and more: TBA.

Specialty Vendor #1: Laurie’s Designs on You offers you reusable, art inspired, shopping bags, net produce bags, cotton food storage bags, linen bread bags and beeswax food wraps. Laurie’s handcrafted products will help you to reduce your plastic waste in a beautiful way. / Garden by the Brook brings you apple jelly from the little orchard in Laurie’s backyard. It is made in small batches from windfall apples picked every morning before the chickens get to them. Maple syrup is made the old fashioned way at Laurie’s farm in Bourget, hand gathered and boiled outside, you can almost taste the wood smoke in this syrup.


3725 County Road 12 (now Dandy Road), Vankleek Hill

Another lovely heritage home in the country but a bonus for you! This home belongs to the new owners of Vankleek Hill Vineyard, where the winery will be open for visitors, too! Take home some of the vineyard’s new wine, made from a new recipe as the vineyard owners make this place their own!

You won’t believe all of the living space inside this beauty! The honey-coloured floors and heritage windows make this feel like home and the furnishings could be straight from a decorator’s showcase! In this beautiful home, find all the heritage that makes historic homes special: beautiful original wood floors, a gourmet kitchen, lovely views out the farmhouse window and incredible furnishings and decorative touches by this homeowner (the lady of the house has a career history which includes real estate). Click here for the house history.

Decorator: Grace Clermont is at work to add her holiday style to this home and antique alert: she loves heritage, vintage items and history! Grace is a creative decorator and a talented seamstress who loves needle work too, so watch for her authentic pieces added to this home, along with antique touches throughout.

Specialty Vendor #1: Visit with Ginette Bellehumeur, of Accroc!/Hooked! — who makes unique handmade necklaces. A favourite at artisan events across the region. Look for her beautiful choices of stones and some quirky and fun jewellery pieces, including her steampunk collection!

Plus: Visit the winery, take home some wine and check out the collection of gift baskets and the winery’s amazing specialty teas! A great time to do some Christmas shopping or take home a gift for you! Be sure to take a selfie at the Popsilo, with the giant raven on it! Look for the winery shop and the specialty vendor just across the laneway from the house, which is open for the tour.

43 Derby Avenue, Vankleek Hill

This just might be the most photogenic home in Vankleek Hill. Its position on a corner lot and an amazing array of flowers and edible plants outdoors make this home the subject of paintings and photos! In town, people refer to this one as “the house on the corner with all the flowers”. Inside, heritage floors and woodwork lead one from the front door into a new kitchen which opens onto a cozy dining area. This one is a cozy enclave for creativity. And the windows afford a special light into every room. A quaint heritage staircase awaits one just inside the front door. An artist lives here and you will know it from the moment you set foot in the door. We just love the welcoming warmth of this home — and we know you will, too! Click here for the house history.

Decorator: Auld Kirktown, Lancaster.

Specialty Vendor: Emilie’s Candles, from Brownsburg-Chatham

Emilie’s Candles & wax melts are all hand-poured in small batches. They come in a variety of scents and sizes and make great gifts for family, friends, teachers, or even for yourself!

50 Derby Avenue, Vankleek Hill

This heritage home used to be a doctor’s home. The doctor’s office is now a beautiful living room, complete with a grand piano. This one is a Vankleek Hill gem, located on a corner lot, with a beautifully-renovated kitchen — lots of windows throughout and you will note that this is the perfect home for the community-minded owners, who love to entertain and frequently open their home to visitors. This home is on a beautiful lot, surrounded by gardens, a private side yard with in-ground pool and the nicest white picket fence out front. It is hard to take this one in with a camera, so it’s best to visit inside to see all the unique features of this home, made even more special when it is dressed up for the holidays! And once again, a glorious curved heritage staircase right inside the front door! We know the decorator will have fun with that! Click here for the house history.

Decorator: Flourish and Knot.

Specialty Vendor: Arrowstar Atelier will have an assortment of homeware and décor made from wood. Items have been hand crafted by Victoria Conway in Chute-a-Blondeau, ON. Check Facebook for updates of products that will be available during the Home Tour!

58 Derby Avenue, Vankleek Hill

A cozy heritage home, decorated with care and with beauty everywhere you look. This lady of the house has a thing for colours — watch how the room tones blend in together in perfect harmony. This home has a comfortable simplicity about it which is envied by many of us as we try to declutter and simplify our lives. In the summertime, this home is surrounded by beautiful gardens and the owners take advantage of the wrap-around verandah for outdoor dining and well — just relaxing.
Yes, this is the home of an artist and her partner — and you can tell by the beautifully-appointed furnishings and the lovely artwork throughout.

Click here for the house history.

Decorator: Jade Garden, Vankleek Hill.

Specialty Vendor #1: Cassburn Sweets, Vankleek Hill. Take home some maple syrup, delicious maple butter, maple candies and more from this local business.

Specialty Vendor #2: Dans of all Crafts. A husband and wife team brimming with creativity.  Though they live in Hammond, one of the Dans is originally from Vankleek Hill.  Can you guess which one?   Dans of all Crafts will be offering a variety of Christmas ornaments:  glass balls, plastic balls, ceramic, and wood.  They have an ornament for every taste – rustic, funny, trendy, classy, or traditional.   Treat yourself to a new Christmas pretty and get one for the teacher, for the hosts of the party, and for each guest at Christmas dinner!  If you are looking for a special colour or theme, or for a personalized ornament, just ask!  They accept a limited number of custom orders. Visit them on Facebook!


This year, funds from the Vankleek Hill Christmas Home Tour will be shared among seven not-for-profit organizations.

1. You will be asked to remove your shoes before touring each home.
A bag will be provided for your shoes. Feel free to bring spare slippers or other soft footwear if you need to wear some foot covering. To respect homes and floors, we ask for your cooperation.
2. No photographs are permitted inside the homes during the tour. Please respect homeowners’ privacy.
3. Washrooms are available at The Review, at local restaurants, at the church halls and at the Vankleek Hill Community Centre. Washrooms inside the homes are not for public use on tour day.
4. Due to this being a people-filled event where indoor space can be limited, strollers are not permitted for safety reasons.
5. We also remind you that as there are stairs, steps and irregular entrances, this event is not accessible for wheelchairs and is not conducive to those who require walkers.

Thank you for your cooperation! Our homeowners appreciate it!