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Ian Hepburn – Piano and Harp Teacher

(lessons in English)

My name is ian hepburn. I live in Vankleek Hill and have been teaching piano for 50 years and harp for 10. I am a founding member of the Vankleek Hill Music Festival and Music & Arts Summer Camp. I am the music teacher at Grenville Elementary School. In short … Music is my life.

One day in 1977, I received diplomas in Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy from the Royal Conservatory of Music and, on that day, I realized I knew nothing about music and nothing about how to play the piano … and so, I started all over again. It took me another 40 years to understand what is going on. It is that understanding which I strive to share with my students … that music is not the notes but what happens between the notes. It is the mind, but more importantly … the heart.

AGE: 6 and up
LOCATION: Ian’s studio in Vankleek Hill and online.
TELEPHONE:: 613-678-2286
EMAIL: [email protected]
WEBSITE: www.openspaceproject.ca