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Vankleek Hill Museum

The Vankleek Hill Museum, located in Vankleek Hill’s shopping district, operates out of an 1834 building and interprets local history through the prism of a general store. Open June to end of August; and weekends September & October. Whether you are interested in the history of our little town, or want to learn more about the museum’s summer projects, which change from year to year, stop by for a visit! Help is also available if you are searching for your local roots! The Vankleek Hill Museum is operated by the not-for-profit Vankleek Hill Historical Society.

Address: 95 Main Street East, Vankleek Hill
Info: 613-678-2323
Website: www.vankleek.ca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vankleekhillmuseum


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