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Vankleek Hill Historical Murals

Vankleek Hill is proud to be one of the first villages in Canada to host historical murals, which were painted by artists Elisabeth Skelly and Odile Tetu. Murals 1 and 2 are located on Home Avenue, on the side of the Jade Garden building. Scenes from yesteryear are populated with characters from today!

On High Street, visit the Wagar & Holland building to see the village’s third mural: “Going to the Fair”, which is a composite painting created from historical photographs. The artists, of course, added colour!

Back at the town’s main intersection, see “Community Patchwork,” also painted by Skelly and Tetu, on the side of the Pink Bow Tie building. Each of these community vignettes was sponsored by an organization, group or individual to fund the project! This mural includes memories from the May Show Festival, the Ice Storm of ’98 and the Vankleek Hill Fair.

A committee is currently studying these murals to effect repairs and ensure that they exist well into the future!

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